Water Pollution Monitoring, Prevention and Control
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Water Pollution, Monitoring Prevention and Control plays a very important role and is important areas of serious concern in any Industrial / Community Development and thereby have implications on economic and social growth processes.

Water is a precious natural resource and its conservation and effective use / re utilization is the need of the day. Water quality monitoring, prevention of pollution of water is one of the first steps required for overall management of water resources.

Thrust Areas in Water Pollution, Monitoring, Prevention and Control:

  • Water Source and its availability.
  • Monitoring of raw water quality.
  • Effective Utilization of water and its minimization (Waste Minimization at Source) - Cleaner Production techniques.
  • Effective Treatment Scheme for Contaminated waters generated matching the disposal standards.
  • Disposal of treated waste waters / recycling and reuse (ZLD Concept)
  • Effective disposal of clean storm waters and recharging concepts.
  • Interceptors for contaminated storm waters and effective treatments

Kadam – Total Environmental Solutions under one roof

Kadam has been a leading consulting company in the area of Water and Waste Water Treatment since 1981 and has sufficient technical knowhow and qualified & experienced personnel in the field of water audits, waste minimization practices, sampling and monitoring of water pollution, designing, erection, testing and commissioning of Effluent / Sewage / CETPs etc with recycling and reuse concepts, water modelling studies etc.

Kadam also has a full-fledged laboratory facility accredited by NABL and OSHAS for water and waste water quality monitoring and testing including all chemical and biological parameters.

We also carry out laboratory scale Treatability studies for evaluation of alternatives of treatments.

Various treatability studies have been carried out in KEC Lab in sectors of Synthetic Organic Chemicals, Pharmaceutical, textile, Pesticides, Dyes and Intermediates, Paints, Fertilizer, Pharma (API and Formulation), Food industries etc.

Apart from providing services in EIA works in thrust areas as listed above, we also provide individual technical services for Water and Waste Water management in areas as below:

  • Treatability cum Adequacy Studies, Performance evaluation of ETPs and STPs, WTPs.
  • Basic and Detail Engineering Package for ETP, STPs, CETPs, WTP, ZLD plants
  • Water Audits and Water Conservation studies
  • Collection, conveyance, Treatment, Disposal, Recovery and Recycling of industrial wastewater.
  • Turnkey Execution of works for ETPs, STPs and CETPs, ZLD Plants with RO and MEE systems
  • Designs for rain water harvesting system & storm water management systems.
  • Designs for Biogas Plants for Kitchen Waste Treatment and Disposal.
  • Designs for Deep sea disposal pipeline systems
  • Environmental Site Assessments – Due Diligence projects.
  • Soil and Ground Water Remediation works

(Note: Please contact kadam@kadamenviro.com for service-specific list of clients)