Solid Waste Management (Municipal Solid Waste , Hazardous Waste)
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MSW Sites:
To handle the problem of solid waste in an efficient manner is known as the solid waste management.

Works include:

  • Classification of waste
  • Remediation of Soil
  • Design & detailing of Landfill Site,
  • Closure of landfill
  • Energy recovery

We provide complete solution as PMC which includes:

  • Topographical Surveys & Geotechnical studies.
  • Waste characterization and Quantification surveys
  • GIS Mapping & identification of locations for Site selection of landfills based on MSW rules
  • Design for Collection & Transportation, treatment & Disposal System based on Population & waste forecast.
  • Design for Closure & Containment of Existing Landfill Sites.
  • Conducting EIA studies
  • Financial Assessment of the Beneficiary ULB’s, Towns or Corporations.
  • Assessment/Feasibility of sale of the treatment products such as RDF/Compost/Recycled Materials/ Incineration Systems.
  • Development of planning model for entire SWM System and working out tariffs based on sustainable IRRs.
  • PPP Models for SWM Tenders
  • Tendering & Award of Work
  • Supervision over execution of Works.

Hazardous Waste Sites:
We provide PMC services as above in order to develop a new Landfill or closure of existing Landfill.

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