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Deep Sea pipelines have been increasingly used and laid for marine disposal of treated wastewater & Desalination Plants for use of marine water after treatment in Cooling Tower / drinking and various other industrial purposes. We provide total PMC Services for Deep Sea Pipeline systems including Survey & investigations, Design & Engineering, necessary Clearances including CRZ Clearance, Tendering and Project Execution, supervision till commissioning. This covers both;

Onshore Pipeline:
Source up to the river mouth /estuary on land near Sea.

Offshore Pipeline:
From river mouth up to diffuser outfall point under waters.

Services offered:

  • Reconnaissance, Alignment, Pipeline Route Finalization.
  • Cadastral Surveys for ROU and ROW.
  • Geotechnical Investigations.
  • Design of Pipeline & pumping station – gravity / pumping
  • ROU/ROW in case of cross country pipelines.
  • Getting required permissions like
  • EIA for CRZ clearance
  • NOC from GPCB and GMB (if req.)
  • Necessary Clearances from Local / State Government for road crossings / bridge crossings
  • Assistance in Marine EIAs for offshore section.
  • Designs for Outfall and Diffuser system.
  • Tendering & award of work
  • Supervision over Execution

(Note: Please contact kadam@kadamenviro.com for service-specific list of clients)